In June 2005, Luca Della Torre, with a local partner, founded Montevideo Models Management, a model agency dedicated to the activity of scouting new faces in South America and promoting them into the global market.

Montevideo Models was created as an innovative way of managing modeling internationally and since the beginning has highlighted the market attracting the best talents, using the experience and the capacity of its founders in the fashion system, combining good taste, skills and entrepreneurship of both Europeans and South Americans.

Luca Della Torre has spent his entire professional career in the fashion business, dedicating himself to ambitious international projects and working in some of the major Italian fashion brands. Today he is responsible for the development strategy and the business relations with international clients.

Facundo Vivian, who joined the organization in 2008, has lived important and enriching experiences first as international booker and then becoming today the Director of the Agency.


Montevideo Models was born from a common vision of its founders, who noted the style, the beauty and the charm of the South Americans combining their knowledge in the local modeling together with the dynamics of the European business models.

Our target is being one the of most important model agencies in South America and the real benchmark in the market thanks to an ethical, professional and human way of working.

Our agency in Montevideo represents the first stage of an ambitious international development, now reaching Argentina as second site step, setting the goal of excellence and exposing its models organization to the most challenging international markets.


Luca Della Torre
Facundo Vivián
Pablo García